Resolved: sharing files and avoiding web browser phishing warning messagee Use app and dropbox

In a previous thread I started here 14 months ago    I found that when I sent people links to download files from MyBook Live, their web browsers reported the redirection WD2Go imposes as a possible phishing scheme. For instance, in Google Chrome, when clicking on the link I send them the recipient’s webpage turns red and dire warnings, flash up about the dangers of the pending redirection, There is no way I can convince my clients to just ignore the dire warning and go ahead and click the link. This makes sharing files from the MyBookLive drive impossible.

Recently I noticed the current version of the android app adds connections to Dropbox and also allows copying and pasting between Dropbox and MyBookLive. . I just tested it on my smartphone and I was able to copy a file from the MyBook Live drive and paste into dropbox. Then on the phone I started up the dropbox app, created a link and pasted  the link into an email which I sent myself. The dropbox link works without any redirection, as expected. Now I have a way of sharing files from the MyBookLive drive. The added bonuses are that people are more familiar with dropbox than they are with WD2Go and  that by sending from dropbox recipients my MyBookLive drive is out of the picture and more secure.

P.S. One odd feature about the WD forum is that topics are locked out two replies after a certain period of dormancy, I and probably other people, continue to work on finding a solution to issues, and sometimes it takes months or a year to find a solution, and it would be handy to be able to post the resolution to the same thread instead of starting a new one like I have to here. 

Good to know you were able to work your way around the issue. We are investigating what is causing that message to come up.

In regards of your suggestion, I will pass this information along and keep you posted.