Resolved: password recovery for twonky media server on WD Mycloud

The DLNA in WD my cloud  is the twonky mediaserver.

It can be managed by a web interfaces (at port 9000) ,this interface can be secured by an username and a password.There isn’t a verification of the password in the forma typo error means a lost  access.

A system reset of the whole WD mycloud resets twonky to the default value (no password )

but I could regain access to the twonky web interfaces in the following way:

  • in the Mycloud web interface: stop the media server

  • enable ssh access

  • connect with ssh and  edit (there is a vi editor) the file: /CacheVolume/twonkymedia/twonkyserver.ini

 and blank the username and password in the lines:

for protection of the web config pages


for protection of the web config pages


  • in the Mycloud web interface: restart the media server

I know that all this requires some knoweledge of linux and shell usage;  and I don’t reccomend

this way to people not at ease with ssh and the shell.

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Thank you for sharing this information.