Resize NTSC video to PAL

I use PAL television in Aus.    I watch a lot of NTSC movies and TV on my WD tv live smp,  at the moment i have to use the “Zoom & Pan”  option and resize the video by 1.2x to fill the screen, and get rid of the black bars top and bottom,  is there a easier and automatic way to do this ?  the native pal videos fit perfectly and no need to resize,   I toyed with the screen size in the menu but everything was too large.   

wd tv live smp,  version 2.1.86  

if you’re talking about 720p and 1080p movies then the only difference between PAL and NTSC is the Frame Rate.

NTSC = 29.97 Fps

PAL     = 25.00 Fps

If you use  mediainfo to have a look at the Resolution of a video file, eg.a 720p video file (either PAL/NSTC)

Width : 1 280 pixels
Height : 544 pixels

so, this video will  have black bars at the top and bottom of the picture … which is Normal   (to maintain aspect ratio without “stretching” the picture… black bars are added 88 pixels top and bottom.

but, if you have another 720p video file and inspect the Resolution (again, this can be either PAL or NTSC)

Width : 1 280 pixels
Height : 720  pixels

this video will be full screen with no black bars.

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thanks for your reply,    I realise that the frame height is different between NTSC and PAL,   and that is normal, I was just asking if there was an easier way than Pan & zoom  to resize the frame. letterbox is not an ideal way to watch something.

thanks again  :neutral_face:

I realise that the frame height is different between NTSC and PAL

There is NO difference in frame height  between PAL and NTSC 720p and 1080p

The difference in frame height (Aspect Ratio)  depends on how the Video created (eg. what camera was used or what aspect the director prefers)

letterbox is not an ideal way to watch something

Gonna disagree with there (and probably millions of others)  Letterbox is the ideal method (because it’s not altering the picture)

When you “Pan & Zoom” you’re losing picture information (cropping) and resolution (zooming)

Anyways, back to the question … the is no automatic pan & zoom (for automatic the WDTV would have to do calculations on the resolution and adjust. Since the WDTV can’t even read forced flags in a video file … then i would say not even remotely possible)

Doesent your TV have Aspect Ratio options ?  any Digital TV will have them, which you can leave on.

eg. 16:9, 14:9, Just, 4:3, Zoom1, Zoom 2, Zoom 3

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thank you very much for the information,  you have answered my original question.    Kudos to you:wink: