Resize Metadisk Device without losing data

I’m inquiring to know what the process is for putting in larger disks into my WD Mycloud Device in OS 5 (5.20.113).

I recently had a disk failure - and put in a larger disk. The RAID volume was rebuilt. Then, I replaced the other disk and successfully rebuild the RAID volume.

I’ve done this with several other non WD network disk appliances. When it comes to the metadisk utilities in Linux on this WD device, I see some LVM utilities are missing, like pvresize, vgdisplay, lvextend. Perhaps this is something that can be done in the UI?

I see alot of speculation online that WD only allows this in their commercial products but not in their hybrid commercial/consumer products, not sure why this is. I have not seen anyone definitively answer this with documentation from WD. Please advise.

What WD Device do you own? This sub-forum is for topics on the WDMYCOUD.

My Cloud EX2