Reset Video settings

I changed the video setitings on my WD TV Live Plus, and now I don’t get any picture on my TV, so I can’t use the remote to change back to the original settings.  I understand that there is a paper clip reset button on the side of the unit.  What is the correct procedure for using this to reset my unit?  I don’t know how long to hold the paper clip in the reset button.  Any suggestions you have for solving my problem would be appreciated. 

Hold it in for a second or two.  Longer than that (perhaps 10 sec or more) causes the player to switch between NTSC and PAL configurations, I believe, and something you do not want to happen.  It just needs a quickie reset; when you hear/feel the button click, release it.

You can connect the WD’s composite cable to your TV. That will allow you to see the video and you will be able to go into the Audio/Video setup to change the video settings.