Reset button on back

will hitting the reset button on the back wipe the data on my MBL???


Thanks. Tried it and nothing happens. On other wd device hitting reset restarts the whole device. Othose wbl, nothing happens. No power off, hdd still whirling away…any suggestions?

Did you hold it for four seconds?

have tried it and nothing happens…is it meant to power off and back on again?

No, it doesn’t…have you read the instructions about it?

yes, all of them from back to front.

i can see the device on the network as a ‘‘computer’’ but get an error saying 'windows cannot access ‘homestorage’ (the name i originally gave the drive).

i get error code '0x80070035   'network path cannot be found…

no response from wd either!!!

Ok, so after you reset it, did you reconfigure it?