Reset button depends on hardware revision

Another difference berween my -01revision Live and -00 Live is that the paper clip reset doesn’t work the same way on the -01 as it does on the -00.  I saw this earlier when the -01was still at 1.06.43V but attributed it to firmware.  Now that it is at 1.05.04V same as my -00 Live, I can do true apples-to-apples comparisons.   On the -00, holding the reset button in, the unit resets after around 10 seconds as it’s supposed to.  On the -01, the unit does not reset while holding the button even well past the 10 second mark, however, then quickly let go of the button and re-press it, and the unit resets immediately as the button “clicks” in. Clearly, it must have seen the first long-time press (i.e.: the button is not intermittent) or it would have waited another 10 seconds.   It appears to be waiting for a quick button toggle after the 10 second timer expires, unlike the -00 where the unit resets when the timer expires.

Mine has always reset when the button is released and the player completely booted up. Who said that a 10 second delay was ‘normal’? In fact if you press it for 10 seconds it changes the player from PAL to NTSC or vice versa

From the manual.

Press for one second to reset to factory defaults (see “Reset
to Factory Defaults” on page 140). Press and hold 10 seconds
to toggle between NTSC and PAL. Use a fine-tipped stylus or
the unfolded end of a paperclip to press the reset switch


thanks for reminding me.  It’s been so long since I’ve perused the maual on this box that I forgot about the dual function of the button and just vaguely remembered something about having to hold it for 10 seconds.  I checked my -01 rev unit and it indeed resets on release of the button for a 1 second press. 

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