Reserve DiskSpace for Time Machine BackUp

I have a 2x8 = 16TB MyCloud Home Duo and want to use not the whole disk space for TimeMachine BackUp, but only e.g. 4 TB. The rest should be available for Videos / Fotos etc.
How set up this reserved disk space?
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Reserved space for TM backups are not supported on a My Cloud Home.

Thanks for this clear message. I will decide for a NAS-System, which allow to configure space limits by use case.

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Does WD offers such a system supporting RAID 1 to mirror the disk of 8 TB with all its different areas (reserved space by use case)?

My Cloud MultiBay (Mirror Gen2, EX2 Ultra, PR2100)

I found these 2 products. What is the difference?

  2. WDBWVZ0160JWT

Do both models support Reserved space for TM backups?

The feature could be added in a future version, isn’t it?

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