Reseller Return Labels Gone?

I just had to do a couple of RMAs on the reseller portal and had to use the new interface for the first time. I can no longer find an option to purchase a UPS return label to get the defective drive back to Western Digital. The ability to purchase a return shipping label at cost was a big deal for small shops like mine. What used to cost me $6.40 now costs me $12 if I buy it directly from UPS, and this for the privilege of sending back a defective product!!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put this feature back in or tell me how to find it if it’s still available!! I have been a loyal Western Digital customer for a long, long time, I shouldn’t have to pay $12 to send your defective products back to you.

Thank you for listening,

Alexis Pittman, Member

Total Computer Service, LLC

I’ll look into this and get back to you.


The ups labels are still available to our customers in the continental U.S.  You will find a link to purchase it in your RMA premailer.  You can also find it on your RMA page in the WD Customer Portal.