Requirements prior to buying

Hi there,

    • Being a Mac user, I wonder if My Cloud can be used with Mavericks.
    • My storage needs are not so much on multi media files than pdf, data files or html folders. Does it make a difference ?
    • Is there a file size limitation like on some Clouds on line ?
    • What if the disk of My Cloud burns up ? I did not understand how to back it up or should I also buy a mirror disk and where should I install it ?


In my previous topic, I mentioned MacOSX “Mavericks” but I meant “El Capitan” 10.11.3 (the latest)


First, read the device specifications and its manual if you can.

  1. It supports Mac OSx.
  2. No
  3. No
  4. The usual config is: Original files are kept on laptop/PC. Backups are in mycloud.
    But then, the backup can be anything you want based off your requirements.
    Also take the time to read this, in order to understand backups fully and what mirror means in backup/redundancy terminology.
  1. MacOS is supported, but Apple seem to have broken NAS access with El Capitan, although reports have reduced since 10.11.3 rolled out.
    • Is there a file size limitation like on some Clouds on line ?

No, but be aware that the ‘cloud’ functions are somewhat limited compared to the commercial cloud services: you can’t map the device as a remote disk for instance (although you used to be able to…).

Also be aware that you will be reliant on your home internet uplink rate, so if that’s a megabit or so, it’s going to be slow, and may struggle to stream video or high bit rate audio (although I see your data is not media).

  1. The single-bay MyCloud is simply a Network Attached Storage device (NAS). This is a hard disk with an embedded computer running file server and media server programs, to allow access via Ethernet. It has no innate backup (unlike commercial Cloud Services). So if the HDD goes bung, your data is lost. Therefore, if you use it as your primary data store, you need to back it up. It has a built-in backup system, to a conected external USB HDD or another NAS, or you can use any commercial or freeware backup tool in conjunction with your Mac and an HDD. It depends on your need for automation.

Thanks a lot, Shabuboy and cpt_paranoia for your neat and quick answers.

  1. As a mac user, I would learn how to mount your drive through NFS. AFP and SMB may be slow to transfer data. If you are only transferring small files like PDF/HTML, you may not care.

  2. Back up your data to a separate USB hard drive along with the mycloud.