Require assistance for My Passport Ultra


I recently purchased a 3TB WD My Passport Ultra external drive for my father, who is using windows XP.

The store’s employee i talked to assured me the drive is compatible with windows XP. It would simply download the installation after connecting it, as he said it.

However, when the drive was connected, the installation process gave me an error. Translated to the best of my ability, it said :
“This software’s installation is not possible.
The software was not installed because it was not possible to find the necessary software’s driver.”

I tried a few times, restarted my pc and router just for good measure, but the message was always the same.

I read this guide in your forum, giving me one possible solution. But i have no knowledge on these matters, so i do not feel comfortable just going with it without making certain.

So, my questions are,

a) is my drive really compatible with windows XP? If so, what did i do wrong/how can i make use of it?

b) is the guide i linked above a valid option for my case, and/or is there any other options available to me?

c) if i do follow the guide, and reformat the drive, will the result be compatible with windows XP, windows 7 and windows 10?

Thank you very much for your time.

Any kind of information would be really appreciated.