Request rejected

Using a WD Ex2 Ultra running OS5.

I sent an invitation to a user for cloud access. When they login they get a a “Request rejected” error message.

@rjd357 Please help us to get the MC system logs, create a support case and share the logs with us.

We also need you to generate HAR file when you are clicking on the invitation and attach it to the case.
How to generate HAR File

  1. Open a new Chrome browser.

  2. Click the 3 dot menu button in the upper right hand >> More tools >> Developer tools >> Network

  3. Go back to the browser address bar, go to and login.

  4. Click on the browser refresh, reproduce the issue.

  5. If reproducible with the same message,

Right click one of the browser messages in the Developer tools center pane and select “Save all as HAR with content”

  1. Please send us the .har file