[request] HDMI like 1.02.21 and feature like 1.04.17

Why i make this thread, because i found never ending problems with HDMI auto/Manual set that WDLive does’nt remember :frowning:

With latest firmware 1.04.17 , this issue had not been fixed… yet :frowning:

So i roll back firmware into 1.02.21 , and found there’s no HDMI negotiation issue at all…

so, would WD make new firmware based on 1.02.21 but with all 1.04.17 features, like new Internet Content (Accu Weather, Mediafly, etc) ??? Or at least, make 2 different kind of firmware, one for TV that had HDMI Negotiation Issue, and one that not.

Sorry for my poor english…

Why you don’t post this as an idea, instead of a new thread?