REQUEST: Fix non standard cable markings on supplied micro usb cable

I was very disappointed to discover that the micro-usb cable supplied with my recently purchased drive (WD Elements SE 2.5" 500GB HD) is marked in a non-standard and confusing way.

The standard for USB 2.0 cables is to have the USB logo facing the user during mating. The supplied cable had a tag stating it is “USB 2.0” but unfortunately the supplied cable markings are “upside down” and had the WD logo facing the user (myself) when plugged into my laptop. For more information on this topic please see here:

To be clear, this is on the male A connector that goes into the host computer. The usb “trident” logo is on the wrong side and should be swapped with the WD logo.

I request that you consider making your cables more user friendly by adhering to established standards. This would also likely reduce your failure rate from people forcing the cable in the wrong way around.

I submitted a suport request and it was suggested I post here to get the attention of the development team.