Request: change zooming options x1.05, x1.1, x1.2,x1.3 etc instead of x4,x8

I think ti would be the best choice for new firmwares…



Rome (Italy):smiley:

Also for 2,33:1 videos, the best would be also the 1.25x zoom. Check to see it!

Yes, present zoom is absolutely useless. When you zoom to first level it´s more than enough…


I would like to add my vote for a different  zooming system, the current one is less than useless.

The zoom needs to be in increments so that those of us that prefer to watch movies without the ‘black bars’ can do so.

Lets hope the guys at western digital actually monitor these boards and take note of it’s client base’s requests for product improvements…

I, uh, fourth this… since the zoom is so extreme I’ve ended up having to just move the picture up on files where the overscan prevents seeing the full subtitles… anime, anyone?  Smaller zoom increments would be AWESOME!