[REQ] How to rebuild a Debian package with 64K page size support

Instructions to rebuild a Debian package

The WD My Cloud device firmware versions 04.00.00 and later use a modified version of Debian Linux which uses 64K sized memory pages. In order to build Debian packages for use on a 64K page-size device, an “qemu-emulated native” build system is used, which contains the binutils package modified for 64K page-size alignment.


- x86 PC with 64-bit Ubuntu or Debian installed
- packages qemu-user-static and binfmt-support installed on host build system
- Modified binutils package with 64K page size support. A pre-built version is included in binutils directory. There is no need to re-build binutils, however, instructions are provided in the source package (see binutils/README-binutils-64K-pagesize.txt).

Run the script:

./build-armhf64k-package.sh <package_name> <suite>


<package_name> is the name of the package you would like to build.
<suite> is the Debian suite version. E.g., “wheezy” (i.e. stable) or “jessie” (i.e. testing).

Above are the instructions provided by WD in the Readme file of the GPL sources.

Although I have matched all the prerequisites, I’m unable to build the packages with various error messages.

The script to build the packages is 

./build-armhf-package.sh <–pagesize=64k or 4k> <package_name> <suite>

I need some help to build a few packages, so please let me know.


Thank you.


LE: All the testing was done on a 64bit Ubuntu 14.04, and the errors are related to chroot ‘/bin/bash’ not found. Only once I could make the script to work but it failed, so no package was built.


Thanks for sharing.

Hi I got a perfect NAS, with several application working perfectly (installed by SSH).

The last Update on the firmware the device started to function with problems, most of the apps that I installed by apt-get where erased, and try to installed again and got more errors that i can count.

I run the command

updateFirmwareFromFile.sh /CacheVolume/updateFile.deb

but the onlything that star working with that was the WD GUI.

Now I’m trying to rebuild the Debian Package with 64K support but it’s quite dificult. I ussing:


Can you help me with a easier step by step recomendation.

Thank you 



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