Reprocess new XML

New user here.

Im populating the meta tags of my movies, a couple of them are getting different movie names than the file name, i would like to change that to align it with the actual file of the movie, so i changed the tag in the xml and that seems to work in the Gallery view, but, i still get the other title in the other views, so a couple of question :

  • How can i reprocess the xml of the movies, without overwritting it.

  • Is there another index file written somewhere else ?



Clear the media library so it will re-import the new XML.

Thanks, that works.

However is a little bit unconvenient to delete the movies and re add them with the new xml, is that the only way of reprocess the xml ?

No, don’t delete the movies! :). Just do the clear media library.

oops :dizzy_face: so how can i do that ?

Setup / system / media library…

that… was awesome, thanks a lot

Renaming the file(s) also works and generally faster than clearing the media lib and letting rebuild.


Assuming you have W: mapped… and a folder called Movies…




W:\Movies>Movie Name 2010 BFRip x264.mp4

If you do the same thing with the .XML, .metathumb first, and the actual media file last, the media lib engine will pick up the new XML data when it sees the new file name.

Note: I do this all the time because I am constantly tweaking the titles in the XML files. It is also probably a good idea to occasionally clear the media lib since I am not sure how well it is coded to delete the old/missing info.Changing folder names has the same effect but on a larger scale.