Replcement drive failed after less than 24 hours

I had a 2TB MBL that died.  WOudl only get an amber light on front.  I got it RMA’s and now the new one (rebuilt I am sure) dioed in less than 24 hours.  I eventually geta  blinking green light on the front but none of the computers on my network can see the drive and My Book Live setup can not find it.  **bleep**!!!  How do I get WDC to send me a drive that actually works?

Problme is getting worse.  I rebooted the drive and now it has a steady amber light.  This is total **bleep**.  I cannot believe that WDC would market a product that is so obviously not ready for production.  Now I am going to be stuck swapping drives until I fonally run out of my warranty period or I just plain get fed upa nd go away.  I am out money for buying this total junk drive.  All consumers be aware that this drive is NOT somethign you want to buy.

To you use an computer from the Apple stable or do use a computer what has a Microsoft operating system.  Or do you use Linux?