ReplayTV 55xx compatibility - WD5000JB vs WD5000AAKB

The hard drive in my ReplayTV 5532 unit (similar to TiVo) had problems.  According to this  drive compatibility page, WDxxxxJB drives work, but WDxxxxAAJB drives don’t.  I bought a Sonic Blue (PATA) drive because the box was marked WD5000JB, but in fact the drive was WD5000AAKB, and it didn’t work.  The list recommends Seagate DB35 drives, but they’re getting harder to find.

Any idea what changed from WDxxxxJB to WDxxxxAAJB (or AAKB) that would prevent operation?  Is there a way to make this work?

The aajb is a new drive, and probably has a different firmware that isn’t compatible.  Sounds like you need to hunt down a jb drive on ebay. lol…