Replay won't work

I have been working on this for a couple days.  My video’s that I uploaded to the live TV hub will not replay for me.  I have gone into setting and changed the setting to replay all of my videos and it will play only one and then go back to the menu and then go to the screen saver.  I have tried to reset the device and I have the latest firm ware on the device but still does not work.  Any suggestions on how to get the video’s to replay?  DO I need to put the videos in a specific folder?


Page 44-45 in your manual under “Play Mode”.  CURRENT FOLDER. So yes you need a specific folder for all you want to repeat.

Thank you

I have been going back and forth with tech support and they said the repeat should work in anyfolder.  They told me i have a device is not working properly(no kidding) and the worst part is its out of warranty.  Do i go and buy a new one or look at something else?

New twist, if i play one video in a folder it will repeat, if there are more than one video it will not.  Any ideas why this might be?

Tech support always bails and says “hardware problem!” when they don’t understand or have an answer.

One suggestion:   Make sure you’re pressing PLAY to start playback, not the OK button.

Thats what it was.  I need to hit the play button when i was on the folder with the videos.  WD tech called and walked me through it.  I’m grateful to the people that helped and had tech support contact me over the phone on this message board.  Now i won’t need to send the one i just bought for my other tv for my school.  Just wish the e-mail with the tech could have been that wasy.