Replacing PR4100 frame for AD drives

I will be replacing a PR4100 Frame. Are there outlined steps for this process?

The 4 drives are being moved from a PR4100 (NAS) with technical issues to a new PR4100 frame. The drives are configured for Active Directory and I want all the folder and file security configuration to be retained.

The PR4100 being replaced will not allow access to the dashboard. I may try resetting it and reconfiguring it later, but for now I am simply replacing it with a new unit. If there is a way the NAS configuration, including internal backups, etc… can be offloaded or moved with the drives, that would be a terrific bonus and save me work later.

If someone can point me to steps to make this process go smoothly and easily with the least reconfiguration steps, I would greatly appreciate it.


Hi @InfiniteMonkeys,

In the event a My Cloud enclosure fails, it is possible to swap the hard drives from one My Cloud enclosure to another My Cloud enclosure.

Please refer to the link below for further assistance: Moving Hard Drives From a My Cloud Enclosure to Another My Cloud Enclosure (RAID Roaming)