Replacing one drive every 3 years

No, not me with my My Cloud Home (MCH), but some guy reported this on a famous NAS community forum.

He is not going nuts and neither are a lot of NAS users. Even commercial CMR HDDs are regularly failing, so what do you think your chances are with the MCH with its inferior SMR HDDs?

  • Make backups regularly to USB HDD which are fairly cheap
  • and learn to read the smartctl data log from your MCH which has a debug_logs.tar download functionality from the webapp (browser) under settings.
  • Put a small cooling fan on the unit if your MCH has poor ventilation.

Replacing one drive every 3 years

M MathemAddicts @mathemaddicts
Nov 12, 2023

Hi all,

Quick question. I have the DS918+ and I seem to be replacing one drive every three years due to drive failures. This has happened with approved drives and both Western Digital and Seagate drives. Does anyone else experience this frequent degradation of drives?

You mean Synology? That’s spelled S - Y - N - O - L - O - G - Y.

About the same as the life expectancy of redshirts.

Everybody knows that “red” means dead, and SMR (Shoddy Magnetic Recording) technology only hastens the inevitable demise.

The cat’s out of the bag, SMR hard drives are JUNK!

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So true. :rofl: