Replacing hard drive in Western Digital NAS


I have had a Western Digital NAS for about 3 years I thinks its called something like My Book II anyways its white in colour and has a 2tb green sata drive inside it.

The drive has started to make some serious sctraching noises, it is still working kind of meaning I can transfer to and from the drive over the network but if I try and watch a movie or something on my Smart TV it will freeze up after about an hour when before it played everything without issue.

Can I simply replace the drive inside the enclosure with any SATA drive from any maker or does it need to be some sort of pre prepped Western Digital drive?

I need to get this issue sorted today as its my last day off for a couple of weeks. So need to know if i just need to bite the bullet and buy a new NAS or if I can just use a old hard drive inside my existing enclosure to replace my dying hard drive.

I have Googled a lot about this and doesnt appear like anyone has tried this before or at least told the internet about it.

Any help or advice would be great.




In order to replace the internal drives we recommend that you replace them with the exact same model and capacity. Replacing them with other models or capacity is not officially supported.