Replacing a WD6NPURX in existing RAID array


Currently have an active RAID 5 Array with 7 WD6NPURX drives using intellipower.
Can a WD6PURX at 5400 RPM be used as a replacement drive and what effect will that have on the RAID array with intellipower?


IntelliPower RPM class drives have rotation speed between 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM as per the required power and data accessing speed requirement. While 5400 RPM drives rotates with maximum upto 5400 RPM.
So during variable power requirement, IntelliPower RPM class drives are preferred over 5400 RPM class drives.


Thank you for the response.

I would prefer to use the intellipower type drive with the existing RAID array but they seem to be scarce. I’m wondering if the 5400 RPM drive would work in the intellipower RAID array or be rejected. Does anyone know?
I have posted the question to support and I have not heard back.

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