Replacent for wd1200bevs-60ust0


Can you tell me what model drive to buy to replace the subject ? Does it make a difference if it is a WD1200 but has different letters at the end? eg BEVS vs. BEVE or BEVS-60UST0 vs BEVS-22USTO
Using in a HP dv6700t CTO laptop GT812AV


Can I install a larger drive like a 250 or 500 GB that is 2.5"?


The best way for you to identified what is the best replacement drive for your computer is contacting the computer manufacturer as they will have the correct information about the drives that the computer supports.

Please note that some computers won’t support a bigger drive than the one that came with it.

Also note that the WD1200BEVE is a PATA drive and the WD1200BEVS is SATA 1.5 Gb/s.

So depending on what your computer support, you will be able to determine what is the recommended drive for you.