Replacement warrenty product is not a fresh product?

Hi all

I have an My passport 1tb which got problem now and having 2 yrs warrenty period more. I raised a call and they told that replacement is possible. But that product is not a fresh buy but a refreshed one after 32 checks. I have purchased many products with replacement warrent and I received a new and genuine one eg: is a linksys router 

So according to my view replacement should be with a new one.

Suggestions 9ls

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

This is normal, please refer to the following links to check WD’s warranty policy:

But I have experienced a different approach with Seagate.

“WITH THE SAME NAME REPLACEMENT WARRENTY” they have replaced with a fresh HDD for 3 cases.That is the surerity.  Here what they have mentioned in the buying technigue is strictly a marketing startegy. Just fooling customers by giving wrong publicity.

“Replacement warrenty” means it should be replaced with a fresh one. I will never choose WD again.

It might be the company policy but it doesn’t give the best results with customers. Personally I feel a brand new drive would be better marketing.