Replacement software for WD Mycloud on MAC

I have an EX4 that I routinely access using the WD My Cloud software loaded and configured when I originally set up the drive. The new Mac Os tells me I need to replace it and I don’t find anything on site to upgrade. I use the device to access my files remotely via internet. Is there a replacement to this software?

I also have a My Cloud PR4100 that I access through The setup software is unable to see my EX4 to set it up.

I want to be able to both use the EX4 and PR4100 to access files via internet when off my home lan.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have large file systems I use on customer sites and losing the ability to access the internet visible EX4 and by extension the EX4 I use to backup the first one is a challenge.

The My Cloud desktop software has been end of life. Refer to this article on how to access your My Cloud NAS from the Mac OS:

For the EX4 setup, you can setup cloud access from the NAS’s web dashboard when on the home LAN. You can also type in the NAS’s IP address in a browser to access the dashboard.