Replacement power supply and a couple of other questions

Where can I get a replacement UK power supply for my MyBook (WD3200|032) and is it a standard one?

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive but reliable (v important) WD replacement for the Seagate drive I foolishly bought that didn’t last 8 months and do they have any tips on how to make a drive last longer / take care of it?




For a certified power adapter replacement you need to contact WD directly. 

United Kingdom 00800-ASK4WDEU
(00800- 27549338)
9 am - 5:30 pm GMT
9 am - 4 pm GMT

In regards to the drive, exactly what type of drive you are looking for?

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You don’t know if it’s possible to order a power supply online by any chance do you?

One of the reasons I think the Seagate one packed in so quickly is because I had it plugged in permanently but one of my friends has said that it’s best not to do this, so I just need a small external that’s as reliable as possible - it doesn’t need to be large as I don’t have that much data - reliability is the main thing.



I only turn mine on when I use them. I’ve got a My Book Pro II that that a functional power switch. The power switches on the other two sadly only work with Smartware which I didn’t install. I plugged those into a separate powere strip to make it easier to turn on and off. I leave the USB cables plugged in.


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