Replacement Power Supplies?

I am beleaving that the psu for my wd tv smp may be bad. The unit is in our brd room. It won’t power on via the remote and when I unplug the power and reconect it powers on to the boot up screen but wont go to the home menue. All other activity network etc seems fine. Tries switchinh hbmi with my sat receiver same thing. Everything worked ok before and with latest firmware. Moved to the living room where the wd tv hub resides and all works just fine. So am leaning to psu is getting week. Any ideas other than ebay where a low cost replacement psu might be found. Thanks in advance.

So you have tried the hub power supply on the SMP?




Advice from WD

Thanks found one on amazon. And yes tried it in the living room, removing the hub and connecting the live streamer in it’s place using the hubs psu and it works fine. I am also going to remove the hubs psu from my intertainment center (no small accomplishment) and trying it in the bed room as well just to rule out it being a hdmi related thing but the remote turning it off but then not being able turn it on again seemes to rule out anything else. Thanks again.