Replacement of both failed HDDs

Hi All,

I have a 2TB My Book World edition (white). The My Book World edition has two physical HDDs in the enclosure.

Bought it three years back so as of now its out of warranty.

Can someone please advise if my both HDD have failed and i replaced them with new ones, will it boot up perfectly??

or will i need to intall something on the new HDD to boot up. 

Make sure first that the drive itself failed not the enclosure.

i have removed the HDDs and connected to an external sata connecter and it does not even detect the HDD on my system. i can hear it spinning but not all showing on my system with the external sata connector.

Whats the drive status under disk management?Is is offline?unallocated?not initialized? or not detected?

click start/rclick computer/click manage/disk management

it does not detect at all under “disk management”.

Well you just have to buy a new one with the same drive model. Those drive already failed.