Replacement needed for the Apple sabotaged Mac Time Machine

At the time that the new Apple Time Capsule device came out, I think Apple released an “update” to Time Machine to make it fail.

  1. In the good old days, you could start a backup to a drive by connecting the WD drive to each Mac so that it could do the HUGE backup more quickly. THEN you would move the drive to the Apple Airport Extreme WiFi router where the tiny add-on backups would continue. It worked perfectly for 5 years for me.
  2. Then the new Time Capsule came out. Time Capsule is an Apple product that is an Airport Extreme with a 1 or 2 TB drive inside.
  3. Now, all of a sudden, the file types and names for locally made backups are DIFFERENT!
  4. When you back up all your Macs and take the WD drive to the Apple Airport Extreme (Wi Fi Router) it will not build upon the files it finds. Instead it starts OVER at WiFi speeds. Days go by. Still not done. More days. More. More. This is NONSENSE!
  5. On top of this horror, Time Machine now gives up on a WD disc when it’s about 1/2 full saying, “The disc is OK, but it can’t be used any more. Please provide a new disc unit.” What an outrage! So I get a 100 TB drive only to have_ _Time Machine give up on it when it reaches 500 GB of stored backup data?

What I WISH WD would create is a replacement for Time Machine which is now so full of malicious code as to be nearly completely unusable. Any WD software that will handle multiple machines and does incremental backs up by itself, in the background, perhaps every hour would be fine. 

I know you can do it WD! Please?

Sherman Keene