Replacement internal HD?

First time and just learning the ropes. I get the index 130 error on my Start up and nothing seems to clear it. If I have to replace this old WD HD in this dell XPS600 what can I use?  the numbers on the old drive are WD300KS-75PFBO.

I realize this is basic to many of you but any help is appreciated

Hi well any WD blue drive should work like a 500 gig one. The new drives are sata 3 and they don’t have a jumper to put them in sata 2 mode so if your sata controller is new enough it should auto set it to sata 2 speeds. Also these are advanced format drives and windows xp needs a bit more work done to it to make it run properly ie the WD align tool. The only way to tell if your sata controller will auto set it is to try it. Also if you have the dell restore cds they will contain the drivers for your system if not you will need to find the sata drivers and use the f6 mode when installing xp also all the other drivers. All programs will have to be reinstalled make backups of your data. Should work and will work are two different things to make sure I would pick out a blue drive from the WD site and then before you buy contact Dell and see what they say about the drive. So this drive would fit your needs if the dell supports it  WD5000AAKX and only dell knows if it will. 

Thank you for your time and patience. I will follow your advice though Dell is not known for being " co-opertative" if you dont buy from them!