Replacement HD WD3200AAJS not detected/working

Hi guys,

I have been using the WD 3200AAJS HD for about six months, but about 20 days back it malfunctioned and was not being detected. so applied for RMA , and since got a replacement yesterday.

When I tried to install the replacement HD ( also the same model) I could hear the clicking noise  about 3 or 4 times and the drive is not being detected in bios. My bios had no problem detecting the HD earlier and even now it detects my other HD (seagate). 

 I know that we don’t get new HD as replacement but only refurbished old ones, but to see the replacement HD not working even on the first day is very disappointing, I expected much more from HD, if I log a complaint now it may take another 20-25 days to get any replacement.

Sorry to hear about what happened here.  Can you PM me your RMA number?  I will look into it.