Replacement for wdc wd2003fyys

Hi all, I own a QNAP NAS TS 459 Pro+ stuffed with four disks of type “wd wd2003fyys” (2TB, 3.5", SATA II, 7200rpm)
Now one disk is broken and another is in warning state.

Since the original disk isn’t available anymore I’m searching for suitable replacement disks.
Unfortunately my expertise around NAS, Raid and Harddisks is … limited.

I’d be grateful if someone could recommend a model that is “raid compatible” with the old one.

Thanks in advance

According to specs from WD site the direct replacement is WD2000FYYZ.
And according to QNAP Qualified Vendors List for TS-459 Pro+ the WD2000FYYZ is compatible but should be in firmware version 01.01K01 at least.

Thanks a lot, based on my own reading I was tending towards “WD2000FYYZ” or
“WD2000F9YZ” but
simply didn’t feel confident enough to invest money blindly. I guess I’ll
stick with the “WD2000FYYZ” then
(and improve my knowledge for the next time^^)

Thanks again!