Replacement for WD1600ADFS

One of the two WD1600ADFS drives on my Dell Precision 390 appears to have failed.

I’m looking for a replacement - would like 10,000rpm but don’t necessarily need a lot of extra capacity.

Does anybody have any recommendations? Would a WD Velociraptor WD3000BLHX be a good choice?

Is there anything I need to check by way of comapatibility?

when it comes to compatibility, make sure that your motherboard supports sata interface and has a transfer speed of atleast 3GB/s but it will be better if your motherboard can support a speed of 6GB/s becase the drive that you mention for possible replacement has a speed of 6GB/s…

but all in all it will work fine

Thanks for your quick response.

The motherboard in my PC is definitely SATA compatible but I’m sure it won’t support 3GB/sec transfer.

Is there another WD 3.5" hd you would suggest? - min 160gb capacity and pref 10000 rpm spin speed.