Replacement for RED PRO WD3001FFSX

I have a QNAP TVS-463 with 4 of these drives in. One has failed but they no longer produce them, can someone recommend a replacement please? The later WD30EFRX looks OK but the RPM is 5400 whereas the WD3001FFSX was 7200.


The WD3001FFSX is a “Pro” drive (195.00USD) the WD30EFRX is not a pro drive. WD has a special on them for 99.00USD. I’m sure there may be other differences between the two drives. I use 4 of them (WD30EFRX ) in my Readynas and have no issues. Watch where you buy them though. Some sellers sell outdated (New Old Stock) drives and there is no warranty on those. It’s also not made clear when you buy them that they have no warranty! This is something WD should be trying to correct.

outdated drives ? that is just ridiculous, so if the seller is unable to sell it it loses the warranty period ?

I actually believe WD sells them CHEAP to those sellers so they can sell them for 99.00USD. Don’t know why WD couldn’t just re-date them and sell them with full warranty since they are brand new unused drives. Sure makes it tuff on the consumer when trying to find a legit drive with a legit warranty.

what are you talking about ? the non pro drives are 5400 rpm hence they are cheaper.
the warranty period should only start once the user get it registered into the website

Yes they are usually cheaper. I tried to register the 2 that I bought from a seller with WD and they would not accept them because of the serial numbers being assigned to drives that were made more than 3 years ago. Apparently drives with no hours on them don’t count as they use date of manufacture. So I buy NO MORE from anywhere other than WD’s store. Then I get warranties.

you can get your money back from WD (wherever you purchase them at) in case your are not satisfied.
sometimes you don’t even need to send your hard drives in to WD.

Yes I find it ridiculous that the warranty is based on manufacturing date.
the manufacturing cost for WD is identical for any HDD
so if you buy a 3 years old HDD and it lasts you about 2 years and they have to provide you a higher capacity HDD because they don’t stock a similar one to yours anymore they will not be losing any money at all. (well they might lose a customer instead)