Replacement electronic card

Please someone help me where i can get a replacement electronic card for the 1.0TB  WD10JPVT. hard Disk.

it is for my portable external hard drive manufacyured by BUFFALO INC.

The connection from this card where i plug in my USB cable has some pins off due to my 2 year old boy pulling the cable.

I have very important ducuments on this and need to get the electronic card at all cost to retrieve them.

the part number for this card is


Anyone with information please get back to me at

Hi we normally call that the pcb of a HDD. This site has a pcb  but you also need to change a chip from the old pcb to the new one for the drive to work, at the bottom of that page there is a guide link on how to change it.

Hi thanks for the concern, i have bben to the link to see what is there.

there are 2 circuit boards the main one like is on that link and a small one on which the USB cable is pluged,

that is what i am looking for if you can still get me help will be most appreciated. 

Hi if you look here you can see that the power plug is part of the pcb. . Check to make sure that part is on the pcb before you buy it.

thanks man you contribution is well appreciated.

If i may ask is it possible to get that small electronic card that is plugged into the pcb to buy seperately?

that is only what i am looking for i do not need the whole pcb unit.

In any case if i buy the whole pcb and that attchment electronic card and get it fixed onto my HDD will it work directly or need to do something on it to get it working.

Its the imformation there that i so dearly need please more help if you can.

Kugblenu, I dont believe that the bridge controller actually performs any type of encryption. Since your HDD is Sata, you can just hook it up via any other SATA - USB adapter, or connect it to a desktop directly to PC as a secondary drive.

i am sorry i dont have much knowledge in this but all i want to say is that, it is this unit on which i plug my USB cable then connect it with the computer.

If there is a way i can connect without the cable then fine which i think is not, still need help in this direction.

You have a SATA hard drive, just go to any computer store and ask for SATA to USB enclosure. It will do the connection and give you access to the data. I am not sure if I can explain it in simpler terms