Replacement duo

wd is sending me a replacement duo. does anyone know if I can just drop my old drives in the new duo? 

I think that is possible, yes.   But I have not done this myself.

i just want to get the data off to a backup drive then copy it to the new duo.

Are they shipping you one with NEW DISKS?  or just Empty Chassis?

If it has new disks, then what I recommend:


2 Remove Disks from NEW Duo.  Keep track of which disk is 1 & 2.

3 Put OLD disks in NEW Duo.  Keep track of which disk is 1 & 2.

4 Power up New Duo.

Get data off.

5 Power down New Duo.

6 Remove Old Disks from New Duo

7 Replace with New Disks from New Duo

8 Power on New Duo

9 Configure it the way you want

Restore data.

you read my mind, that was exactly what i was going to try.  i’m supposed to get an answer today about for sure if it can be done.  the tech said he needed to talk to an engineer to find out if the old ones can just be dropped in the new duo and work so i can get the data off.

If your Duo was using RAID1, then you can also take the disk and connect it to your PC and use a program like Disk Internals:

to access the data directly on the disk.

that was the exact program i was looking at trying, yea its raid 1.

Let me know if it works well for you!