Replacement Drives

I sent my brand new (but dead) my passport essential usb3.0 for a  warranty replacement but received a recertified product today. and right now, its heating up at an alarming rate as i transfer my files.

does WD usually send refurbished items as replacement under warranty?

Yes they do I’d call them back  and complainabout the replacement problem.


That is not true. There is a difference between a recertified and refurbished hard drive. A big difference there is no need to call and complain like Joe said. All of my WD units are recertified and have no problems whatsoever theaction you should take is to calm down and understand what you think might be a problem.

First a couple of questions. 

What USB 3.0 do you own? Can you please post the model number of the unit?

Second if you are concerned about the temperature you should monitor the temperature using a software first and then look at the specifications on the website to see if its normal.

You usually get 30 days of free tech support from your first call date. I dont think you would want to start the clock with the question “My hard drive feel hot?”

When it can be saved for a more serious issue. :slight_smile:

Let me know which hard drive and obtain a temperture monitoring software and I will give you the specs to see if its normal or not.