Replacement drives

Ive finally had enough of the wd drive being slow as can be. Its the 4TB model wit two WD20EURS-63S48Y0 drives in it. Can I saw them out for something faster, does it have to be a particular format. While I’m at it, its actually connected to a Mac via the router, are the ones designed for the mac worth the money, formatted differently or something like that please?

Hi, as far as I remember the My Book Live only support this type of drives, I have also seen that in some cases some My Book Live Duos that had inside WD REDs, however I cannot warranty that your drive will work with the REDs.

It’s not slow because of the drives, it’s slow due to the older design of unit. Just buy something new and better, like a real WD NAS. Use the current ones for backup.

Yes but it was poor from first purchase. Won’t be buying WD products again.

Look, I have plenty of WD (upper end and lower end) products, and they work great. Maybe your setup. network, router, modem etc is to blame for the poor performance.

I am not going to suggest you ever buy another WD product (I could care less), I am just responding to your comment so others who see this thread know all is not bad with WD products. I have a feeling you would have issues with Seagate products, too.

Even with it plugged into the back of the mac the interface is slow and performance leaves a lot to be desired. As a backup device it works well enough.