Replacement drive unable to raid

I bought an identical Hitachi 1tb drive to replace a failed one. However in the G-Speed web gui it shows up as ‘legacy’ and doesn’t provide ability to raid. It’s formatted Windows MBR like the others. I can read/write but that’s all


In the webgui you need to go to Manage > Devices and you should see your single legacy drive listed. Select it and click initialize. This will set it up to be usable by the RAID. It should then start the rebuild.

Thank you for your help. I tried your suggestion but still cannot raid my drive. I should also explain that each of the 4 drives were setup as jbod. I have a second ES unit in raid 0, but this one was not functioning properly and as I suspected one drive went bad.
Here are some screen shots so you can see the results after initializing with web gui then formatting in Win 10 Bret