Replacement cable for G RAID with Thunderbolt 16GB

Hi. I need a replacement cable for G RAID with Thunderbolt 16GB. PN: 0G04071 (2 displayport slots)


  1. My Windows 10 machine has a single available mini displayport available (on a Thunderbolt 3 AIC R2.0 card)

  2. I also have the G RAID with Thunderbolt 12 GB. It has 1available USB-C (for daisy-chaining).

Which cable will work and give best performance?


I think the solution is an Apple TB 3 (for 12GB) to 2/1 (16GB) adapter. Then a 0.5 m TB 2 male male displayport. At least that’s what I ordered.

Since daisy-chaining to the 12GB, thinking it is okay on Win10 after using the utility to configure the 16GB to RAID 0 for Windows.