Replacement AV Cable - Standard cable or something special?

Has anyone bought an additional AV cable?  Is it anything special or just something I can pick up at any electronic store?  I don’t see anything on WD’s site.

hahahaha - no one answered my question about the AV cable.  I did test out some camcorder AV cables that look compatable… They look identical but aren’t compatible.  Where on the WD site can I order a new (and hopefully longer) cable?

Simply put I went to a Dollar Store and purchased for $1 and RCA extension cable M/M 15 feet long yellow/red/white ends.  Then I purchased for $1.50 3 RCA cable connectors each F/F.

So for $2.50 I made an extension for the original cable.

Yes, audiophiles are going to tell me about signal loss and perhaps other problems but everything is working fine with the cheapest cabling I could purchase.   :smileyvery-happy:

Soooooo… where can I get an EXTRA av cable?  Theres a place I can get one made but its a bit out of the way so I haven’t stopped in.  Ugh.  I just want to order one from WD!