Replaceing laptop drive, error code 0219

Hi, I have an LG E500 KAPSAG and I wanted to replace the internal dirve with an WD5000BPKT. In the BIOS the drive is recognized correctly, but I can’t format it, or install windows. So I tried the WDDIAG - tool. In the right upper corner it is shown correct, but the quick test gives an error: DRIVE CABEL ERROR CODE 0219.

The original drive ( Toshiba 160 GB) works fine but is too smal. In  my desktop-PC the WD5000 works fine, so I don’t think that it is defect …

Any idea, what i can do?

Hi check and make sure the connection in the laptop is not damaged and just try reseating it again. There is no cable it is just a direct connection to the laptop motherboard.

I know that it’s a direct connection + not a cabel. Please read my post carefully. The error code comes from the Data Life Guard Tool. I do not beleave that the physical connetion is defect. Cause when I put in the original hdd it works fine. So the connector in my laptop seams to be okay. And if I look at both connectors (the old hdd + the new one) I can’t see any difference. So where is the problem?

I would make sure that you are using the latest version of the DLG Diag software and then try the test again. This error can happen if the software can’t properly detect/communicate with the drive. Can you test the drive in another system or possibly through an external enclosure (note that some enclosure can also give this error or not read SMART data properly). I would also try doing an extended test and see if that passes.

DLG 1.25