Replaceing HDDs in WD Live DUO - can I increase size?


I have searched but cannot find two things:

  1. Can I replace the HDDs in my Duo by simply replacing one then rebuilding the raid? then doing the other

  2. Can I increase the capacity of my 2TB Duo (2 x 2TB RAID 1) by doing this with 3TB or 4TB disks?



Is a trial an error kind of thing

some people have been able to update with no problem

others ( majority ) have found compatibility issues

  1.  Yes.   The instructions for doing that are in the owner’s manual.  – Note – You will lose ALL data if ONE drive fails if you’re using “Spanning” mode or RAID0.    You won’t lose any if it’s in “Mirrored” or RAID1 mode.

  2. I’m not sure about that, but I don’t believe that’s possible without serious tweaking of the internal firmware.

  1. So the 6 TB MBLD has a different firmware?

I really don’t know how it does it.

Could be in a firmware file, but I doubt it since the firmware images are identical when downloaded manually.  More likely  the difference is in a PROM or FLASH partition that the firmware references when configuring the drive.

My only evidence was that a while back, there were a number (5 or 6) people here in the forums (I think it was reported with both with MBLDs and MBLS) that confirmed that their devices had LARGER drives than they could access – a “build” issue from the factory.

Such as buying a 6TB drive, the diagnostics confirming the Duo had 2x3TB drives installed, but the UI and everything else reporting only 4TB usable and 4TB worth of data partitions created on the drives.

Can you recall if there was a solution? It may point to a way to increase a 4tb to a 6tb by replacing the drives.

In the cases I remember seeing closure, they replaced the hardware.