Replaced hard drive and now windows cannot verify digital signatures

Hello my Toshibal l505-s5993’s hard drive died. I replaced it with a Western Digital Scorpio Blue 750 GB SATA 5400 RPM 8 MB.  I used the 3 recovery disk provided and now my display drivers, network adapters, and sound controllers all show the yellow triangle with exclamation.  I tried to update drivers by downloading them on another computer/flash drive and then transferring.  When I tried to update I received the error coded 0x8E5E0247.  Thanks for any help or suggestions!

Hi I would first remove the device from device manager with out removing the driver’s and then run a check for new hardware and see if it installs OK. It is strange if you got no error’s on the recovery it should have just restored it back to factory settings. If that does not work then really you need to run the recovery again it will be faster this time as it will install from that partition on the hard drive.

thanks. will try and let you know.

ran the recovery and it will not install the drivers because the are not digitally signed. which device would you remove from the device manager? system is still configuring. i know the sound drivers worked half way through the recovery because the windows welcome would come through the speakers now it says the thing about the drivers and no windows audio welcome.

Hi any device that has a yellow mark right click it and choose uninstall do not check off remove drivers. Then at the top of device manager where is says Home right click that and choose scan for hardware changes.

I disabled signature enforcement and everything is working now…Finally!

Hi very good although I can not see your recovery disks having non certified driver’s. Oh well it works that is the main thing enjoy your new drive.