Replaced failed drive - Still red light

Could really use some advice on this one.
4X4TB running in raid 5. Bay 4 Light is solid red.
Raid shows degraded.
On the dashboard disk status Drive #4 show N/A for disk size, shows no temperature reading, Shows BAD for the status and N/A under the S.M.A.R.T. data section.
When I replaced the drive in bay 4 (WD red Same model) the unit does nothing and nothing has changed. Raid auto rebuild is selected to on, but the unit won’t rebuild the raid.
I’m currently in the process of removing data before attempting a manual raid rebuild, But I’m thinking the bay itself or the software may be at fault as all the data seems to be accessible.
Please share any ideas you may have.
Thank you.

Try logging in via SSH and issue the command

smartctl -a /dev/sdd

(I am assuming Drive Bay 4 is sdd … you can verify the serial number with what’s on the label, if not, then do sda, sdb, sdc until you find the one that matches.)

Post the output you get back.