Replaced all the drives

In my 4tb sharespace unit and now will no longer operate. Power button unresponsive and the reset button serves no purpose. Does not connect to the network anymore.

Right now I only have 1 of the 4 drives connected and there is no activity at all.

Has anyone sucessfully restored one of thse on their own or do i need to send it back to WD (which by WD i mean the trash bin). 

If you did replace all 4 drives then you just kiled it, it has been said several times in here that the operating system of the SS is stored on the drives themselves, and unless one of the original drives is cloned to a replacing drive then the SS will have no OS to boot.

Either look for the old drives back or call WD to change the SS itself.

   I recently replaced my drives and came across the same situation.   It’s true the OS is stored on the hard drives that came from the factory, BUT it is also stored on the firmware chip on the ShareSpace unit and it will install it onto new hard drives so that you can use them.  The trick is you have to zero out the hard drives first.

Here’s a step-by-step guide I made to help out others:

I successfully installed 3 old WD hard drives I had laying around into my ShareSpace using this method.


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I completely zeroed all four drives, plugged them back in and it successfully rebuilt.  It must be in the firmware.


Thank you very much for sharing the information you provided in this technical article. You have saved me a lot of time and headache. Thanks again.