Replace WDMyCloud-Mirror-Gen2 HDD from scratch


My WDMyCloud-Mirror-Gen2 had only 1 disk the last year. This disk died.

I want to install a new HDD, but I don’t know how to do it.

I have the “fox_exe/WDMyCloud-Mirror-Gen2” files. Is it enough?

Is there any tutorial?

only what’s in the OS/3 “de-bricking” threads you have been reading.

I would not upload OS/5 onto this device; and I would not allow it internet access.

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Thank you for the reply.

I have only found information for MyCloud (not the Mirror Gen2 version). Do the same instructions apply?

Could you point me to one reliable thread?

I have read some threads, but none specific to this model, so I am afraid to follow those guides.

oh right. I am not as familiar with the Mirror product.

Conceptually, it is different. I think it is closer in software architecture to the EX2 - - - but I do not know.

I know on the EX2, the system files are on the board; not the HDD. This may also be true for the Mirror. Have you tried to access the dashboard with no disks installed? Have you tried slapping in a drive and see what happens?