Replace HDD with a larger capacity?

I have a 500 GB, Firewire 800 My Book drive, p/n WD5000H1Q-00. Old drive, no warranty.
I wanted to replace the HDD with a larger drive. I started with a 3 TB drive. No luck.
I have heard that some SATA interfaces only supports up to 2.2 TB, so I bought a 2 TB drive. No luck.
I tried a 320 GB drive and a 500 GB drive (non WD) and they worked fine.
Then I tried a 1 TB drive. No luck.

The symptoms with “no luck” is that the drive lights up and spins up. It is never shown in the Finder. It is never shown in Apple’s Disk Utility.
The “My Book” Firewire interface is shown under “Firewire” in Apple’s System Info. But the drive is not shown.

How can I get my enclosure to recognize a larger drive?

Thanks in advance.

Based on the model number that’s a 1st generation WD My Book Studio. Since the unit was not designed to be opened then it’s possible for the controller to be incompatible with hard drives larger than the one within the unit.

It is actually a My Book Studio Edition and it was sold in sizes up to 2000 GB. So the enclosure should be able to use drives up to that size.

(Yes, it was difficult to open. Now that I see how the case is constructed it would have been much easier.)